It's an online document for both parties to complete when an offer's been accepted with solicitor details. Think of it as a transaction/property receipt between a buyer and seller.

From a seller, we request: 

  • Personal details such as residential address (if different) and contact information
  • Solicitor details (company, email address and telephone number)
  • Estate agent details (if the seller is also buying somewhere, known as a related purchase)

From a buyer, we request: 

  • Personal details like residential address 
  • Solicitor details (company, email address and telephone number)
  • If a buyer is using a broker or financial adviser then we require their name, company, telephone number and email address
  • Further confirmation of funds or mortgage 
  • Estate agent details (if a buyer is selling a home)

Once we receive all of the information we can issue the completed form which is the memorandum of sale. It will be emailed to your chosen conveyancer and they can begin the draft contracts

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