Whether you’re beginning or nearing the end of the home selling journey - and even if you’ve been here before - we know it can feel endless and confusing. Peace of mind begins with understanding each step and tackling things one-by-one. This step-by-step guide to the home selling journey, from setup to completion, will help you feel more settled whichever stage you’re at.

A step by step guide to the home selling process

Getting Started 

So you've decided to sell your home! Signing up with Settled is quick and simple, once on our website click on 'I want to sell my home', from here fill in your property details and select your preferred dates and times for your home visit (involving photos being taken of your home as well as a floor plan being created). 


Most of us already understand the value of our homes. A Settled survey revealed that over 85% of people know what their home is worth on the market. By blending your own local knowledge with the rich data freely available to you, you’re in a great position to decide on the right asking price. With Settled, you can change that price at any time and we’ll always be here to help out.

Settled’s property valuation tool connects thousands of data points with local area & street information, sharing insight into what buyers have paid for homes similar to your own and what other homes are being marketed for nearby.

It’s normal for homes to go under or over the price they’re listed for, but 98% of the homes sold through Settled achieve asking price or above.

Your home advert

Settled take care of the photographs, floor plans and description for your ad, making sure they’re the absolute best they can be. When you're ready and you've made the final touches to your advert, you can publish your advert to Rightmove, Zoopla and other quality property sites so that your home gets seen by the masses.

Your home is now on the market, ready for buyers to take a look. The journey has truly begun…


Once you are happy with your advert before we can list your home we require that you send to us ID documents and proof of address, this helps us keep things safe and sound for everyone who uses Settled. Once these have come through you are ready to list your property, simply click publish on your advert page!

Consider Legals

Every seller needs to appoint a lawyer or conveyancer to deal with the transfer of their home. This usually gets left until an offer is received, but we advise homeowners to instruct a legal partner as soon as their listing goes live. This ensures you’re fully prepared to accept that offer and move ahead, speeding up the journey towards completion.


It’s time to show your home to the world, and nobody can do it better than you. 

Viewings are arranged directly with you through the Settled site, so you will receive a text and an email when someone wants to view. For your peace of mind and wellbeing, we verify all buyers by acquiring their chain status and financial position. At the stage an offer is accepted, we ask for hard evidence of these in the form of a Mortgage in Principle approval form, a screenshot of their bank accounts, or verification by a credible, independent party like their financial advisor.

Good to know: By meeting buyers at this early stage, invaluable one-on-one relationships are built. It’s an important step, which can significantly reduce the chance of a sale falling through.

Receiving offers

Offers are sent by buyers and received by sellers through the Settled home companion. Similarly to viewings, you will receive a text and an email notification when an offer is made, so that you can respond to them directly. The Settled home companion also provides a dated, digital copy of each offer, keeping it safely stored and organised.

Good to know: Wait for the right offer to come. You should feel comfortable with a price before you start negotiating on it.


We connect sellers and buyers so they can negotiate directly. At this point, after doing things the Settled way, your relationship with buyers is going to be extremely positive; you’re in a strong negotiating position.

Negotiation takes place via the Settled home companion, allowing you to track changes in the offer and negotiate at your own pace. We offer dedicated negotiation support for all sellers; ergo, we’re ready and waiting to coach your technique and provide guidance whenever you need us. We can even do the negotiating for you if you like.

You can do this. (We wouldn’t let you if you couldn’t.)

Accept offer

Once you’re happy with the negotiated offer, all you have to do is click Accept Offer. This also lets us know you’re ready to move onto the legals stage.

After you’ve accepted an offer

Legals - the breakdown

If you’ve not decided on a conveyancer by this point, you can get a conveyancing quote from our recommended legal partner.

You’ll be asked to provide various documents and it's likely you'll need to have your home surveyed. Keeping the channels of communication open with the buyer and your own conveyancer keeps things moving swiftly and smoothly towards completion.

The simple steps usually follow something like the below, though this could vary depending on the buyer and seller's position. 

  • After instructing a conveyancer, you’ll receive a welcome pack that includes a questionnaire about your home. It usually takes 2 days for this to be processed.
  • Within 5 days, contracts are issued and sent to your buyer’s legal partner.
  • Once draft contracts are received by the buyer's solicitor, the necessary survey's and searches can be instructed by the buyer. 
  • Enquiries regarding the condition of your home are raised by the buyer and dealt with by the sellers solicitor, and contracts are drawn up for the sale. The results of any survey that takes place will shape the contracts drawn up for your home
  • The exchange of contracts usually takes place 8-12 weeks from the date your welcome pack is returned and processed but may vary according to when your buyer gets their mortgage offer.
  •  The completion date will be agreed. Normally, this date falls about a month after the contract exchange, though it is not abnormal for this time to be less. 

Exchange of contracts

After exchanging contracts with the seller, you’re legally committed to sell your property to them, and of course for them to buy it. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for…


You’ve officially sold your home. You’ll receive billing instructions from your conveyancer to cover their fees, as well as details on the total sale price of your home. If you’re buying as well as selling, they will handle both transactions, including any refunds you’re due.

You will also need to arrange to give the keys to their new owner. This can be done directly between you, by arranging a convenient place to meet or meeting at the property.

When the house selling journey gets laid out it looks much easier to take on. We’re here to guide and support you through each stage of the sale, safely through to your settled place.

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