At Settled, we've created an end-to-end service, including all the legal work that's needed for buying and selling a home. 

Why did we decide to absorb the legal work as part of the Settled service? 

  • One of the main causes of delays is the silos that exist in the industry and between third parties. Communication breaks down, updates aren't as regular as they should be and there are multiple contacts to chase. 
  • We believe in putting the customer first, so this was not the service we wanted to provide. 
  • Our customers will have one contact (their Settled support manager) whilst their legal work is done in the background and they'll get better value for their money as they won't need to hire an external solicitor. 
  • With the transaction and the legal work under the same roof (pun intended), we can keep our customers up to date with their progress. 

How did we absorb the legal work as part of the Settled service? 

  • We've partnered with accredited UK conveyancing firms who are just as forward-thinking as we are and in agreement that the process of buying and selling homes needs to be streamlined. 
  • Our partners are: Jackson Lees & Michael Rose Baylis.  
  • Together, we have produced an end-to-end service that puts the buyer and seller first. 

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