Our aim is to get you (and your buyer) moving as quickly and smoothly as possible. We believe that with a collaborative approach, the journey becomes more transparent and certain to all those involved. This is why we strongly recommend buyers to take the Settled path, which includes the conveyancing. 

Here are a few points that could help entice potential buyers onto the Settled path: 

  • Your home is Buyer-Ready, so everything’s ready to go. 
  • They can fix their moving date much sooner because everyone’s on the same page and communicating. 
  • They’ll have the legal side taken care of and a Settled guide to keep everything on track for them. 

We will work with any conveyancer your buyer chooses to ensure we help with whatever they need, but we can’t promise the same speed or certainty. 

Click HERE to find out more about buying or selling with Settled

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