A breakdown of your Settled Fee

Downpayment Fee: £350

You pay this upfront to:  

  • Trigger us to take the home off the market. 
  • Prove to the homeowner you're a committed buyer. 
  • Reduce the chances of the sale falling through. 

Paid upfront. Non-refundable.

Completion Fee: £349 

This includes: 

  • The end-to-end, digitised Settled service, including all the legal work. 
  • One point of contact & full support from the success team. 
  • Progress tracking in the digital platform. 

Only payable on completion. No sale, no fee.

Total fixed fee of buying your home with Settled: £839 inc VAT

Additional charges:

We'll pay the below charges on your behalf, and add them to your total completion fee after you reach completion.

  • ID check: £10 per person 
  • Money transfer: £30 
  • Property searches: £289
  • Land Registry: £20-£455 (depending on the sale price)
  • Stamp duty: calculate here 
  • Leasehold properties: £180 (inc VAT)

Above are typical charges you should expect to face, but on rare occasions the unexpected can happen and so additional fees could apply. 


All the small print.

Unless specified, VAT is included or does not apply.

The Settled fees and charges outlined in this quote are valid for 14 days from the date issue. Settled reserves the right to review and adjust these fees and charges if the quote is not accepted by the seller within 14 days.

When interacting with Settled Legal Partners, this quote overrules all quotes that have been obtained outside of Settled processes.

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