When a homeowner lists their home with Settled, we'll get it Buyer-Ready to attract more buyers to their home. Here's what that means for you: 

How do you get homes Buyer-Ready? We collect property forms from the seller, conduct searches and resolve pre-empted buyer enquiries. All this is then reviewed and verified by Settled's legal partners. 

How is this different to any other home? We're the only ones in the market to do this much earlier in the process - we actually start getting the home Buyer-Ready at listing stage. Usually, you'd have to wait for all this to begin until after your offer is accepted. 

What does that mean for me, if my offer is accepted? It means you've saved around 3-4 weeks off the overall time it'll take to buy the home - because the essential legal work has already started, in some cases, it's done. 

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