We're constantly developing our digital platform to make sure that you're able to stay connected and in control of the entire process in the most efficient way possible.
Rather than relying on a third party to manage how your property is marketed, our technology allows you to make changes and updates to your home listing at any time simply by logging into your account.  

Even after your listing has been published, you'll be able to make all of the following changes whenever you like, which will automatically update on Rightmove within a couple of hours and on Zoopla within twelve. All you have to do is log into your Settled account, go into the 'My Ads' section, click on your advert, and hit save when you're happy with the changes you've made.

Changes to the description

As shown in the image above, the description consists of three sections:

  • 'The things you love most' - which will only be shown on the Settled site.
  • 'Key Features' - where you can input ten bullet point features about your property and the surrounding area.
  • 'Description' - where the main body of the description is written.

We ask all vendors to fill out the 'Key features' and 'The things you love most' sections, as this helps to personalise the advert, and although we will provide a blurb of your property for the main description, we would always encourage you to add any further information you think may be useful or interesting for potential buyers, for example mentioning the great local pub down the road!

If you stay within the description section and scroll down from the main description box, you'll see that you are also able to input the tenure and chain details for your property. It is important that if your property is Leasehold, as shown above, that you input as much information as possible about the ground rent and any service charges, so that potential buyers have access to the information they need to proceed with a viewing.

Organising your photos

We generally recommend a minimum of 6 shots to ensure prospective buyers can gain a good insight into what your home looks like, but we provide you with 15 shots in total, so you're free to pick and choose your favourite ones. 

You can also upload your own photos if you wish, so if there are any pictures of local parks or landmarks that you'd like to add, or it was a cloudy day in the garden when the photographer visited, so you'd like to add a sunny image, all you have to do is click on the 'Manage photos' option below your photos, and you'll be able to upload your own images from there. However please do just take into consideration the following photo requirements:

Files must be less than 15 MB.
Allowed file types: png gif jpg jpeg.
Images must be larger than 400x300pixels.
Images must be landscape

Once uploaded, you can change the order of your photos by clicking and dragging them into the order you'd like them. The first two images are the most important, as these will be the lead images that show in property search results on Rightmove and Zoopla. For any that you don't like, simply hover your mouse over the image, and you'll see a bin icon that you can click on to delete the image. (Don't worry if you delete any by accident as we can always get them re-uploaded!). 

Setting your asking price

You can update your price and price type at any point, even after your advert has been published. If you are in no hurry and want to achieve a certain price, then it may be worth setting your price type as a 'fixed price', so that potential buyers are clear on what you expect to achieve, however, if you're flexible with pricing, and looking for a quick sale, you may wish to set your price type as 'Guide price,' or 'Offers in the region of.'

When making changes to the price itself, always bear in mind that any reduction in the price of 2% or more, will count as a price decrease on Rightmove and Zoopla, and so send your advert back to the top of the listings.

Moreover, it's always worth considering the online price boundaries for property sites. For instance, if you set your price at £203,000, but you'd be willing to accept lower, if you set the price as £199,950, you will be within the £200,000 price boundary, and so appear in the search results of buyers who have set £200,000 as their maximum budget, thus generating a higher amount of online traffic for your property.

Property status

You are able to update your property status at any point from the status bar to mark your property as 'Available,' 'Under offer,' 'Sold STC,' and 'Sold.'
While a property is marked as Under offer, anyone who wishes to view the property will still be able to book a viewing via the system, with the understanding that you have already accepted an offer.

When marked as Sold STC, your property will still remain on all property sites, and so continue to generate potential interest, however, potential buyers will not be able to book a viewing. They can, however, register their interest on our system, so if anything changes and the property becomes available again, we have their details and can be in touch. 

Finally, when a property is marked as Sold, it will be removed from all online property sites. 

Publishing and unpublishing

You'll see at the bottom left-hand corner, you have the options to save any changes you make to the advert along the way, and when you're happy for your advert to go live, you can simply click publish. We will then syndicate the advert from our end, after which it will appear on Rightmove within an hour, and Zoopla within twelve. 

You are also free to pause your listing at any point should you need a break in the home selling process, by clicking unpublish. This will remove your advert from all online property sites, and when you're ready to re-publish, you can do so from your Settled account in the same way as before. 

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