It's great, you've had an offer accepted on your dream home. Now what? 

Once an offer has been accepted on a property the typical route is the completion of a memorandum form with personal details, solicitor and estate agent information. This will be emailed to you once the offer's been accepted on the system. Also, a buyer's financial position needs to be further verified by sending proof of mortgage or funds. 

It's important to know that we cannot issue a memorandum of sale without seeing proof.

Are you buying the property with a mortgage/deposit?
All you will need to do is upload your proof of mortgage in principle once you've submitted the memorandum form or email it to When it comes to proof of deposit we'd accept a screenshot of a statement, blacking out any irrelevant information. Alternatively, we'd accept an email from a solicitor/estate agent/broker/financial adviser confirming they have seen your proof of deposit and you can proceed with the purchase. 

Are you buying the property with cash?
We understand there can be a number of circumstances which would lead you to be a cash buyer. For example, you could be a cash buyer upon the sale of your home or the money could just be sat in a few bank accounts. 

Similar to above, screenshots of a statement or an email from the aforementioned representatives confirming your position as a cash purchaser would do the trick. 

Why do we need this?
We need to be sure and do our due diligence in making sure that buyers who've had an offer accepted through Settled have the funds to proceed with the purchase of a property.

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