In terms of increasing buyer interest for your property, there are a few things that you can do to generate further online traffic to your advert, and help it to stand out against the competition.

Making the most of your advert

The first would be to make sure that you're making the most of the space allowed within your advert. A great example of this is the key features space, wherein you are able to list ten defining characteristics that really help to define your home.
This is an important part of the advert, as it is this first point of information that potential buyers will go to to learn about your property. It's important also to mention the local area, such as a good local pub, or transport links nearby, and to think about what makes your property stand out against any competition in the area. 

It is also a really good idea to update the first two images of your advert every 15 days, as this helps to keep the advert fresh, and Rightmove has shown that a listing will get on average 10% more detailed views every time that a change is made.

Additional advert boosters

Another option could be to add Premium listing to your advert. We're able to offer this at £79 for Premium listing on either Rightmove or Zoopla, or £100 for both. Premium listing would help to make your advert stand out by placing a border around it, and has been shown to increase the 'click through' rate by 33%. 

Alternatively, we also offer Featured listing on Rightmove for £40, which will send your advert back to the top of the listings for a week.

Carefully consider your pricing

Finally if you are looking to sell quickly, and have not yet received any interest, there is the option of reducing the price of the property by 2%, which would register as a price drop on all property sites, and so send your property back to the top of the listings, and thus dramatically increase your online interest.

Rightmove has shown that an inaccurately priced property will dip below the general level of interest shown for “similar properties” very early on - typically immediately after the initial two-week spike, and so may need an early reduction in price. If the price is not right on day one, it is advised to reduce within 40 days of publishing your advert to stand the best chance of selling.

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