Thanks so much for your interest in selling your home with us. We're not taking on any new properties right now. Let us explain why...

Over the years, Settled has worked with thousands of home-sellers & have come incredibly close to the real issues buyers & sellers experience. Along our journey, we've constantly pushed ourselves to create new solutions for our customers, whether it's digital builds, manual processes or partnerships. 

Because we're so passionate about making a real difference within the property industry, improving the lives for all parties involved, we need to focus on these solutions even more. Making sure that they're not just one-time quick fixes, but permanent changes that everyone will benefit from. 

So, for this month, we apologise to you, but we've reached our limit of properties we're able to look after.

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If you've had a specific home-selling issue you'd like us to tackle, please feel free to get in touch with us via live chat on the website or e-mail ( This help us to make sure we're working to fix the right things. 

If you want to be notified when we start onboarding new sellers again, please sent us an email ( with your name and telephone number. We will let you know when we start taking on new properties. 

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