We’re here to make your home-selling experience easy. And it starts here, with the viewings. Let’s say viewings are like a stage performance. Rehearsal and post-show are just as important as the show itself. So, we’ve put a few tips together so you can boss your viewings and with any luck, have the offers come flooding in.

Step 1: The rehearsal 

Front of house: The front garden, the path to your door and your front door or porch area is what they’ll see (up close and personal) first. They might even nosy around before ringing the doorbell. Get it looking neat and as desirable as possible by brushing the path, de-weeding and sweeping away any cobwebs.

Declutter & clean: This is an obvious one, but you have to be relentless about decluttering and cleaning. Rooms look smaller and less spacious when there's a mess. Attractive storage boxes are ideal for chucking loose items into. In terms of cleaning, leave no inch untouched.

Depersonalise: A few family photos and artwork add warmth to a home. A shrine to your children (or animals) and let’s say, inappropriate or garish artwork can seem just a little weird to potential buyers. They need to picture themselves (or others) living here, so keep the personalisation to a healthy minimum.

TLC: Some tender loving care like a lick of paint, carpet cleaning or a change in curtains can do wonders. If you haven’t given your property a bit of tender loving care in some years, then now’s the time. Key places to check for mould or discolouration are behind sofas and other large pieces of furniture. Obviously, if your property is clearly a work in progress and potential buyers are interested purely because they want a DIY challenge, then this might not be needed as much.

Garden & communal areas: If you have a communal garden, it might be worth asking your neighbours if they could help keep it tidy for your viewings. If your garden is mostly weeds, it’s best to have it as a blank canvas. Hiring a gardener for a couple of hours to neaten it up is definitely worth the small expense.

Dress rehearsal: Hosting your own viewings can seem daunting, but preparation is the key to success. Why not stage a ‘mock viewing’, jotting down notes that you think potential buyers would like to know or questions they might ask.

Step 2: Lights, camera, action!

Good vibes only: A friendly welcome goes a long way. Offer them a drink, ask them how their journey was - all the usual things. Background radio can help relieve any awkward silences too.

Good smells only: If you’re a keen baker, freshly baked bread will fill the home with an irresistible smell. A fresh pot of coffee is just as effective. Pop an automatic air freshener into bathrooms as a precaution.

Parking: To make the viewing experience as convenient as possible, space in your driveway or a free parking area is key. Mentioning this to them before the viewing gives them a good impression of you too.

Neighbourhood watch: If your potential buyers are looking to live in your property, creating a guide to what’s around will be very useful to them. Even if they’ve done research, your favourite haunts and why will be much more of a trusted insight to them.

A personalised viewing: Personalise the property as much as you can to the buyer’s situation. For example, if they’re a young couple looking to start a family - you might want to point out any schools nearby, the home’s potential for expansion or the size of the garden.

Step 3: The reviews are in

Be there for the buyers: Before potential buyers leave after the viewing takes place, make sure that you’re available to answer any questions they have post-viewing. They can contact you via the Settled platform.

Feedback: Don’t be shy to ask for feedback face-to-face. If it just wasn’t the home for them, they can you things to improve on to increase your chance of receiving an offer. They can give feedback through the Settled platform, but the property won’t be fresh in their memory. If you have any other questions or need more advice on hosting your own viewings, don’t hesitate to get in touch via the details below.

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