As part of getting your home Buyer-Ready, we conduct searches on your home much earlier on in the process (at listing stage). This is to attract more buyers and speed up the process of selling your home. 

Why do we conduct searches now? Searches are required to check over the home and its environment for anything that might impact the buyer. This is from new road proposals to if it’s a listed building. The buyer’s mortgage lender will always request for searches in any sale, so by conducting them earlier we already have this info ready to go. 

How long do searches take? They can take up to 2 weeks to be returned. Fun fact: there are over 340 local authorities in the UK that all have different processes! 

How much do searches cost me? For you, the searches cost nothing because the buyer pays for them as part of their completion fee. 

If the buyer chooses Settled: we’ll charge them as part of their completion fee for the searches we conduct on your home. If the home sale does fall through then we’ll absorb the cost, so you still pay nothing. 

If the buyer does not choose Settled: we’ll charge the buyer’s solicitor an industry-standard fee for the searches, as they will have the choice to use the info we’ve collected on the home already. The buyer will then pay whatever fee their solicitor charges them. 

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