With a more collaborative approach, home sales become more transparent and honest, therefore more likely to succeed. So, we strongly recommend that your buyer opts for Settled to help them buy your home (this includes the legal work). 

Your buyer has the option to go it alone and hire their own conveyancer, we'll still work with them to make your sale happen and do what we can to keep you updated and everything moving forward. 

However, it's worth mentioning that we will not be able to promise the same speed or transparency. If your buyer were to choose Settled, everything will be under one roof (pun intended) so is more likely to run smoothly. 

We provide every one of our sellers with points to mention to their potential buyers during viewings, so they're fully prepared:  

  • "This home is Buyer-Ready (a unique Settled service), so it's ready to go which speeds up the sale - so you could move in much sooner."
  • "You'll use the digital platform to connect with me, fill in forms and complete ID checks. So, everything's faster."  
  • "Settled cover all the legal work, so you won't hire or pay for your own solicitor."

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