We created Settled to help reduce failed transactions because we're committed to improving the buying and selling experience. In fact, we’re on a mission to achieve 100% home sale completions. 

A few things we've achieved to start making that mission a reality: 

  1. We get homes Buyer-Ready. By collecting property info (searches, property forms, buyer enquiries) at listing stage and verifying it with our legal partners - your buyer will be able to commit earlier, speeding up and securing your home sale. 
  2. We've digitised the home-selling process with the Settled hub, online forms and processes. 
  3. Settled's service includes all the legal work. We've partnered with accredited UK conveyancing firms who are forward-thinking and share our belief that selling homes should be simple. Meaning, you won't have to hire (or pay for) your own solicitor. 
  4. We're proud of our customer support team. You'll have one dedicated point of contact throughout your home sale. This means you'll always be updated and you're free to ask any questions.  

If your sale does fall through, which can happen due to circumstance, then finding you a new buyer becomes your support manager's number one priority. 

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