Whilst there's no exact number of days, weeks or months we can promise, this might help give you an idea of the time it'll take you to sell your home with Settled: 

In the UK, the average time to sell a property is 4-5 months.
The average time Settled customers take to sell their home is 2.5 months. 

And that's right now. This number is constantly lowering as we continue to roll out new, efficient features in the digital platform and overall process. 

Just a quick one on how we're achieving half the time compared with the usual 5 months: 

  • The legal work is covered in the Settled service, so there's no time wasting or extra money spent on hiring external solicitors. 
  • Every seller can track their progress to completion in the digital platform.
  • All forms are digitised and underwritten by our trusted legal partners. 
  • We get Settled homes Buyer-Ready, so all property forms, searches and resolved buyer enquiries are collected at the listing stage.
  • Every Settled seller has one point of contact and full support throughout the process, so they can go straight to them if they have any questions. 

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