The reason why many home sales fall through is the lack of certainty and commitment. We've restructured the selling process to ensure an increase in commitment from the buyer (and seller) side, here's how: 

  • You'll book your viewings in the digital platform and conduct them yourself. This means you chat directly and meet with potential buyers to show off your home and start building a foundation of trust from day one. 
  • We'll get your home Buyer-Ready. This means we'll collect property forms, conduct searches and resolve pre-empted buyer enquiries before an offer is accepted. Meaning buyers will have more info much earlier in the process. 
  • We can help your buyer reach completion, not just you. If they choose Settled, we'll take a downpayment of £350 and collect their ID check and proof of funds from your buyer within 7 days of their offer being accepted. This commits them to the home sale. 
  • You'll have one dedicated point of contact throughout the process and full support of the success team. 
  • The Settled fixed fee includes the legal work, so the entire process is quicker and you'll be kept updated on what needs to happen next. 

All the above are completely new features to the housing market and property industry as a whole. But, as a result, our home sales are not just more certain, they're much faster too. 

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