We’ve partnered with accredited UK conveyancers who work at the same pace as the Settled path - fast. Your Settled guide will update you throughout the process and handle all the communication. So, we don’t just say we offer legal services then palm you off to random conveyancers so you’re left to wait around and chase them. Our partners get started very early on to get your home Buyer-Ready and will continue to work in the background until you move.

This is exactly why the legal part of the Settled path is mandatory. We can’t promise to offer you the Settled service we’re so proud of and have worked hard to build unless you use our conveyancers. A word about our partners: 

  • They’re as dedicated as we are (which is 110%) to provide the simplest, quickest experience possible for our customers. 
  • They accept all forms and checks you complete (yes, including the online ones). 
  • You may not speak to them, but we can promise they’re nice people. 

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