A valuation checks the value of the property and whether it's suitable for a mortgage. It advises the lender of the value of a home and of any characteristics of the property including significant defects which might affect its value as a security for the proposed loan. It's important to know that this is not a survey and therefore will not check the homes structure. The mortgage valuation benefits the lender as they want to make sure they're lending on a sound home. 

The valuation involves a short inspection and a surveyor will contact the estate agent to gain 'access' details'. We pass on the homeowner's contact information but typically, high street agents will be the middle man between surveyor and homeowner. 

The report is predominantly for the lender and consists of a report, usually a few pages long. Some lenders also provide a copy of the valuation to the buyer.  

If you have any questions about a mortgage valuation then it's best to consult your broker or lender. 

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