A lot of you know that searches are carried out when buying a home, but what most don't know is what they are. A buyer's solicitor will carry out the following the three following searches: 

  1. Environmental - Using a local environmental company to check whether the land is okay and there's no contamination. 
  2. Local Authority - Checking the land and surroundings. For example, a buyer could be purchasing a home which is on a conservation site or there could be planning permission nearby. A local search is only for the specific home; it won't provide information on local homes outside of its boundaries. 
  3. Water Drainage - Confirmation of whether a property is connected to a public sewer, septic tank or other private disposable facilities. It will also confirm if the property is connected to a public or private water supply and provide details of how the property is billed for its water supply/wastewater disposal. Finally, the report will confirm if the home is close/affected by water mains or public sewers. 

Typically, the buyer will pay for these searches to be through the advice of their solicitor. These can cost anything in the region of £300+.

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